Sustainability concept: the actions we take to meet all our needs without compromising the future of those to come. It is the relationship between our actions and the damage to the environment. It is the intelligence in the use of natural resources so that they remain perennial and without alteration of its original features. This concept must be applied in all our actions, whether in the workplace, in production areas, offices, plantations and even the simple act of taking a shower.

Main parameters of attention:
- Exploration of plant resources. The seeds used to extract the Ocen oils are necessarily originated on crops, or in the case of seeds in the forest, they are collected without the falling of trees.
- Encouraging the production and consumption of organic products as they do not harm nature and are beneficial to health.
- Exploitation of mineral resources (oil, coal, ores) in a controlled way, rationalized and planning.
- Use of clean and renewable energy sources (wind, geothermal and hydro) to reduce consumption of fossil fuels. This action, in addition to preserving the reserves of mineral resources, aims to reduce air pollution.
- Creation of personal and entrepreneurial attitudes aimed at recycling solid waste. This action besides generating income and reduce the amount of trash on the ground, it enables the reduction of the withdrawal of mineral soil resources.
- Development of sustainable management in the companies to reduce waste of raw materials and development of energy-efficient products.
- Attitudes facing the controlled consumption of water, avoiding waste. Adoption of measures for the non-pollution of water resources, as well as the cleaning up of those which are polluted or contaminated.

The Result
The adoption of sustainability actions guarantee in medium and long term a planet in good condition for the development of various forms of life, including humans. Ensures required natural resources for future generations, enabling the maintenance of natural resources (forests, rivers, lakes, oceans) and ensuring a good quality of life for future generations.
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