Extraction by cold pressing

The mechanical extraction consists of pressing the seeds through continuous presses. The press consists of an endless spindle that compresses the material against the wall of a steel sleeve, through which the oil comes out.

The major advantage of cold extraction is that it keeps the original chemical properties of the seed on the oil, with all classes of lipids, without changes on the flavor or in its therapeutic features, maintaining the natural vitamins of the seeds. During our process we don't use any chemical or solvent of any kind.

Operational Flow:

This is a phase of huge importance. The choice of the seed results in the final oil characteristics, such as aroma and physicochemical characteristics and it will also be crucial to the production yield of the extraction process.

This is the stage to check the seeds and take out all impurities, such as bark, twigs, stones and everything that can interfere in the purity of the oil. A good choice of the seed supplier makes a big difference.

In case of roasted products, like the Roasted Coffee Oil, the participation of a Coffee Taster is highly recommended, in order to obtain a standard aroma for every batch.

The extraction relies almost exclusively on the equipment precision and adjustment. It is an automatic and continuous process. All the movements should be controlled to have no surprise in the productivity and consequently in the cost.

It is another process that is defined by the quality of the equipment. The proper choice of equipment makes the final difference.

This step defines the quality of the delivered product and its shelf life. It is extremely important to use new and clean package. Packing the oil with Nitrogen is critical for the final quality.

Despite of not being part of the production process, the appropriate and valuable use of the cake, greatly reduce the cost of the product and keep the process fully sustainable and with no waste product.

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