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Ocen is a company of extraction of virgin vegetable oils for use in cosmetic industries.
Our activities began in 2010 with the re-sales of Roasted Coffee Oil and Green Coffee Oil to overseas customers.

Over time, our requirements for quality forced us to build our own factory in order to achieve absolute control of the entire production chain, from the purchase of seeds and packaging, to the total control of production processes and to choose the best machines and chemical analysis laboratories with international credibility.

With control of the entire production chain, we eliminated the risk of product contamination and adulteration and we could develop specific procedures for each type of grain, increasing productivity and volume of extraction, which resulted in increased competitiveness in such a tight market.

Today, with modern and precise equipment, advanced technology, we extract oils with international quality and are ready to meet extremely demanding clients, with oils equivalent to the best companies in the market.

We are located in Vinhedo, a city in São Paulo, wooded and with indices of life quality among the best in the country. We are near of the financial capital of Brazil, São Paulo, and Campinas, which is a great and powerful city, and offers us many research centers, very important for development of new products and improvements.

We have quick access to two major highways: Anhanguera and Bandeirantes, which allows us to distribute the products very easily. We can also count on the Viracopos airport near us, which makes easier our air shipments.

The nature conservation is in our habits and routines, more than in any certification. We aim to not interfere with the routine of local nature where we settled, either in the soil, air, sound or in the sewage system of the city. All waste is considered a financial loss; EVERYTHING MUST BE REUSED.

We are still small, but we are ready to serve the bests.

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Rua Caraguatatuba, 71- Vinhedo/SP.
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