Improving the quality of life, and proper maintenance of the environment.

These are the basic principles of organic products, whether in farming, processing and distribution.

The main characteristics of the organics are the wealth of natural properties, the absence of non-natural agents. We associate the use of organic products to agriculture with only natural products, excluding rigorously, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or synthetic substances that harm the environment. But that's not all, part of the organic concept are some care that should be considered.

Ocen is a company with high environmental awareness, which devote attention to these aspects, thatís why we consider ourselves an organic company.

Based on our understanding and following theNOP/USDA guidelines, besides purchasing the raw material from certified sites, the main points that we look at are: 

Social and Cultural Deep Respect 
- Responsible use of water: we use very little water, just to clean the machines and even to remove the oil from this water before it returns to the station of public treatment.
- Responsible use of air: to avoid the air contamination with aromas during the extration, we have a gas cleaning equipment that filter the steam generated by the continous pressing.
- Land Use: Our production area has no outlet to outdoors, so any dirt oil remains in the work environment, with no possibility of contact with the ground and forcing the correct cleaning.
- Substances allowed or prohibited: as our oils have no substance added, they will remain as natural as the from which they are originated.
- Radiation or additives: do not use any kind of radiation in our processes.
- Contamination by contact: the production area is isolated and we does not maintain raw material in stock. We work in make-to-order system: for every client order, we create a production batch and we buy the exactly quantity of seed for this batch. So, we do not keep seeds in stock and nor finished products. This way, there is no contact with items and our stock area remains clean and fresh.
- Pest Control: we are always alert to the habitat, sources of food and breeding of pests and the access to the internal area of the company. As we do not work with seeds in stock, the major concern of this control is solved and as the production area is well isolated, we can say that the only form of contamination is by purchasing an already contaminated material, which will be immediately returned to the supplier if ever occur.

As we still don't have an organic certified, for reasons of financial priority, in our labeling of organic products is included, for example: "coffee oil from organic seed", and attached with the certificate from the seed producer.

Technically we are ready to work with organic products, is a matter of time our request for certification.

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